The Easy Pull Tab

Our 'easy pull' card sleeves are the new industry standard. Not only for submissions, they are perfect for displaying, storing and selling cards too. The ultra clear tab provides easy access so that you can insert and remove your cards safely with confidence.

Happy collecting!

GSP was born from our own personal need to address key issues we saw in the rapidly growing collectible card industry.

We paused everything we were currently working on and set out to create a product that we could conveniently use in conjunction with our card board collectibles! Introducing GSP's patent pending 'easy pull' tab system.

By January 2021, we had created the industry’s first all in one “card sleeve” with a built in “easy pull” tab to remove you cherished collectibles from their hard exterior cases. The “easy pull” tab is the easiest and most efficient way to remove you cards with confidence!

Welcome to the future!