GSP - 35pt Toploader - 25ct.


Protecting and displaying your cards with GSP's 3" x 4" clear Toploaders has never been easier! These extremely clear Toploaders have overall dimensions of 3" x 4" and are made to fit standard size trading cards up to 35 pts in thickness. This firm plastic is the perfect choice to keep your cards stored safely, prevent damage, and keep them clean. Each pack contains 25 individual Toploaders. Our Toploaders are coated with a thin peel away plastic, to keep your Toploaders from unnecessary scratches before you are ready to use them. Shipping cards in Toploaders to a friend, customer, or relative, keep the thin plastic coating on to ensure they get the cleanest, clearest Toploader on the market. Quality is everything when choosing GradeSaver Pro. 

 25ct per box

Submit, Store, and Collect with Confidence. GSP!

  • GSP - 35pt Toploader - 25ct.
  • GSP - 35pt Toploader - 25ct.